London’s West End The Most Iconic Plays & Musicals

London is home to some of the most renowned theatres inside the global. These venues have visible performances by means of some of the world’s leading actors acting in works by a number of the nice writers on the planet. If you’re staying at a brief live accommodations in London and are eager to make the most of your restrained time in this colourful metropolis, especially with the aid of going to a play or a musical (or both) then this list is for you.

The Lion King

The Lion King is an award-prevailing, awe-inspiring play that runs on the Lyceum theatre in Covent garden. The costumes by myself are surprising, proposing African masks, Japanese Kabuki costumes, Malaysian shadow puppetry and more, all introduced collectively in a dinner party for the eyes and ears.

The Phantom of the opera

Running at Her Majesty’s Theatre, this musical has been taking walks correctly in London’s West End because the mid-1980s. If you revel in over-the-pinnacle theatrics mixed with track and a chunk of appearing, then The Phantom of the Opera will now not disappoint. The costumes are also lovely.

The Book of Mormon

When the makers of award triumphing lively comedy show South Park artwork on some thing, you should watch it. The Book of Mormon maintains to herald large crowds. The musical revolves spherical a duo who’s dim-witted but well-intentioned who are travelling around the globe (specially, Uganda) looking to covert villagers to Mormonism with the aid of being well mannered. Book of Mormon is established on the Prince of Wales Theatre in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

London's West End The Most Iconic Plays & Musicals
London’s West End The Most Iconic Plays & Musicals

All muggles can pride in this extension of JK Rowling’s art work, which maintains to draw the crowds in droves. It runs in components for over five hours. We see Harry Potter as a center elderly man thanks to a time tour magical device this is used by Albus and Scorpios, characters at Hogwarts, the mystical college for magical youngsters. The computer snap shots in this play are said to be top notch and also you see the characters bypass seamlessly amongst locations and times.

The Mousetrap

A special factor out must be given to the longest strolling play inside the West End: Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap. This Guinness Book of World statistics prevailing play ‘longest non-stop walking play.’ It would not come as a marvel that the author at the back of 2-billion books bought, have to create an for ever and ever popular play.

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